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Funny River Bones

Alaska is big; the state spans an area as wide as the distance from California to Florida, and much of the terrain is wild and inhospitable.  Alaska has 39 mountain ranges, 12,000 rivers, 100,000 glaciers, and 3 million lakes.  Much of the state is heavily forested, while boggy tundra covers other areas. In some regions, mudflats along the ocean act like quicksand, entrapping a hapless interloper so tightly, he can do nothing but watch the tide rise until he drowns. Avalanches and mudslides are common in the winter, and residents expect floods in the spring.  If you want to disappear, as this story will show, Alaska is the place to go.


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I am excited to announce the release of my fifth novel —  Massacre at Bear Creek Lodge.

Watch the short video about Massacre at Bear Creek Lodge.

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How to Become a Widow


Someone entered Buck Hofhines’s Fairbanks home on a bitterly cold January night and shot him seven times. His young bride, Verna, discovered his body, and she appeared shocked and confused. She told the Alaska State Troopers that she didn’t know why anyone would want to murder her husband. Authorities immediately suspected her of the crime, but she had a convincing alibi. Verna Hofhines was on stage performing as an exotic dancer when someone brutally murdered her husband, Buck.

This crime and the resulting trial captivated the residents of Fairbanks. The trial included a “Perry Mason moment” and a violent offender who was not finished terrorizing the residents of Alaska.


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I am excited to announce the release of my fifth novel —  Massacre at Bear Creek Lodge.

Watch a short video about the novel.