What Happened to Kristin Snyder?

Keith Raniere

Perhaps you heard about the NXIVM (pronounced Nexium) scandal when the police tracked down and arrested the cult leader, Keith Raniere, in Mexico. Soon, tales of sex trafficking, branding, and child pornography painted Raniere as an evil man. Like me, you probably shook your head and wondered how anyone could get drawn into a cult. From the outside looking in, cults always seem crazy.

I didn’t pay much attention to the news about NXIVM. I didn’t want to read about more evil in our world. Then, a friend sent me a news story about an Alaska woman who disappeared after attending a NXIVM Executive Success Program class in Anchorage. When Kristin Snyder repeatedly blurted out that she was pregnant with Keith Raniere’s child, NXIVM officials dragged her out of the class, and she was never seen again. I suddenly wanted to know what happened to Kristin, more about NXIVM, and why successful, intelligent women flocked to Raniere to be close to him. Raniere is an average-looking man who denigrates women and believes their purpose is to serve him.

This is the story about NXIVM and the disappearance of Kristin Snyder.

Kristin Snyder


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