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The Homicidal Trooper

John Patrick Addis

Most of us like to believe we can trust the police, but not everyone goes into law enforcement for the greater good. Some enter the police academy because they crave power over others and what better job than policing offers this power? I believe most police officers are good, and a few are bullies. John Patrick Addis, though, was the worst kind of police officer. He was a monster with a badge.


If you would like to read more about John Patrick Addis and his downward spiral from a respected Alaska State Trooper to a murderous felon, I suggest you read Ghost: The True Story of One Man’s Descent into Madness and Murder by Glenn Puit.

Zekan, Karen. 10/19/1998. Remains identified as those of LV woman. Las Vegas Sun.

Tataboline, Brant. 8/2/2003. Ex-trooper linked to second disappearance
MURDER SUSPECTED: One more girlfriend missing; first was found dead in Southwest. Anchorage Daily News.

Cervone, Chellie. 2/15/2013. Joann Albenese, Las Vegas woman’s death and disappearance. Las Vegas World News.

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